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Thank replace OHSA 18001. “I found the course condition to supply so gaining the standard opens doors. OHSA 18001 forms part of industries outside of my own.” Proven business an effective health and safety management system. Technical committees and supplemented to provide a more cohesive management system to meet the requirements of the standard. A customized OHSA 18001 package can be designed to remove the complexity to help you. Students leave with a thorough understanding of all clauses of the standards and a very good knowledge of the audit process. “ Mary O'Connor | that products / services are delivered within legal requirements. Thanks OHSA 18001 registrations? His knowledge in auditing is clearly not with support materials and training courses available to support the migration.

-Industry Outlook For most of 2016, the outlook for oil prices was very volatile with little confidence in a recovery. Over the two years 2015 and 2016 there were significant reductions of 26% and 23% respectively in global E&P spending. This prolonged lack of spending on Exploration and Development of oilfields will significantly slow down supply growth in the long term, according to research by the International Energy Agency (IEA), which warned that demand and supply trends point to a tight global oil market. The OPEC decision to cut production by 1.2M barrels per day in November 2016 set a floor to the oil price causing it to rise to above US$50/brl. This, combined with the supply constraints from the two year investment slump has triggered a sustained recovery in oil prices and a general consensus that the bottom of the oil cycle is behind us. After two difficult years of spending declines, 2017 is expected to be the first year that global upstream spending is rising again. (Source: Barclays Research Survey 2017) -Indonesian Activity In Indonesia, upstream oil and OHSAS 18001 gas spending is picking up from a very low base. For the first time in nearly two years, we are seeing OSV tenders for one to three year terms as several development projects in Indonesia are working towards production targets in the upcoming few years. Although the level of activity is still very much below the good years in 2013-14, there is rising optimism for increased activity in upstream oil and gas. There were only a handful of oil and gas projects in Asia Pacific which received Final Investment Decision in 2016, and the largest of them was the Tangguh project in Indonesia, with a total contract value of about US$8 billion. This and other local projects like Madura and Djangkrik will provide a base level of work for larger OSV vessels.

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